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December 16, 2009


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Please check the blog @ http://condomlife.blogspot.com/ and let me know ur comments

Fantasy Phone Sex

This was a dramatic decision on the eve before his colleagues were to begin an ethics trial over his dealings with a Panhandle college.

Phone Sex

I said it a few times and will say it again, facebook and myspace is for lonely people looking for dates and young perves.
Great place to sell condoms and most of all k-y jelly.

Humiliating Sex

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Phone Sex

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Casey Mall

Something went terribly wrong in Brooklyn last week. Everybody thinks that putting a condom on you head is good clean fun. But, this guy was almost killed. Luckily, nobody was hurt. But, more importantly, we got the whole thing on video. Now, we are trying to turn this video into the next big YouTube sensation. That's why I am writing you. I want you to check out the video below. If you like it, POST IT ON YOUR BLOG. And, forward this e-mail to at least ten friends. If everybody does that, this video will shoot to the top. Also, If you really love this video, I have a list of suggestions to help me spread this around. But, first watch the video;


Suggestions to help spread this video;

1. Forward this e-mail to as many people as you can. This step is easy. And, there is no excuse not to do it. Just hit "forward" in you e-mail account. Then, go through your contact list and pick at least ten people to forward this to.

2. On the YouTube page, "Like" this video and post a comment. If YouTube sees that everybody likes this video, they will start to place it on the top of the search results.

3. Post an ad in the "Gigs" section of CraigsList that encourages people to blog about the video. Be sure to include the word "Blog" in the subject line. Only post one ad. And, post this as an unpaid gig. I don't want people to get flagged and removed. Also, you want to post in categories where people have active blogs. So here are a few hot categories; event promoters, writers, creative people, musicians and bars tenders.


OMG I REALLY want one of those Obama condoms!

I think I saw some on sale at http://www.tasteesflavoredcondoms.com

Although looks like they are sold out now :-(


Condoms remind me of easter eggs with all the colors :)

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